Bloom Package

The Bloom Package includes:

2 prenatal visits

We love these visits because it gives us the opportunity to get to know your family in a way that allows us to provide individualized support for your unique journey. Each visit is about two hours in length; the first is at our welcoming office and the second at your home. Come with your questions and thoughts, we’ll come with ours but know we have years of experience developing meaningful relationships.  

1 (optional) prenatal coffee date

We use this special visit to reconnect as you enter your “due date window”. We’re there to answer questions and affirm your strength for the journey ahead (whether that be days or weeks).

Continuous labor support

This is important guys. Our experience has affirmed the benefits of continuous labor support and so has the research. We place great value in the relationships we have with our clients and we are honored to support your journey from belly to baby. Once labor has begun one of us will be in touch as you navigate the decisions of early labor. We join you when the time feels right and help you establish your own rhythm and rituals for active labor. We create a safe and comfortable space around you and help to ensure it’s maintained throughout the course of your labor and birth. We stay in the first few hours after baby is born to keep that safe space for bonding and/or early breastfeeding.

One of the unique features of our doula partnership is our flexibility to provide known and trusted support should labor be long and/or challenging. There is benefit to having a fresh perspective and a new set of caring hands available to rejuvenate the labor support team.

1 postpartum visit in your home with 1 doula (within 2-3 days of arriving home)

Our support doesn’t stop at the birth of your baby; we both believe calm and affirming words are just as (maybe even more!) important in the postpartum as they are during labor.  One of us will come to your home for a visit to check in,  troubleshoot those very early newborn or breastfeeding questions that you might have, and tell you what a great job you’re doing!

1 postpartum visit in your home with both doulas (within 4 weeks of birth)

Our support continues – both doulas will meet with you in your home and bring your birth team back together!  This is a really valuable time to retell your birth story with people who were there and to clarify any of the fuzzy parts.  We’ll also answer any new questions you may have because babies change fast and so do your questions!  Finally, we make sure that you have access to any resources you may need to continue on in your parenting journey.

3 lactation/postpartum doula support visits in your home (within 8 weeks)

We help to establish a “nest” in those days and weeks after baby is born. Nests are comfortable, nurtured, and supported places for your family to grow together. We are there to normalize and validate the expected ups and downs of your postpartum period while also proactively developing effective systems for newborn care.

4 postpartum office lactation visits (within 12 months)

A breastfeeding relationship is rewarding and may come with many questions or unexpected challenges. Because we already have a positive relationship and know your story of early parenthood, we can skip right over the “getting to know you” questions and paperwork that you would need to do elsewhere and get right to the heart of the issue.  Anything is fair game for these visits – latch issues, positioning, sleeping, introducing solids, pumping, going back to work, teething, weaning, or just needing some reassurance – you name it!

20% discount on ala carte options

We strongly value ongoing relationships with our clients and we want to offer these discounts for clients who feel the same way we do – if some is good, more must be better!  (Although, we sometimes wish we didn’t feel that way about chocolate…)  ☺  

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