About Our Mentees

Alli and Riley are proud to serve as mentors for the South Central Wisconsin Doula Network‘s mentorship program.  This program allows new doulas to work with experienced doulas in the community to hone their birth and business skills as they prepare to launch their own businesses.  We meet regularly as doulas to talk through important parts of this work, but also invite the mentees to shadow us at client prenatal and postpartum meetings, as well as at births.  We recognize that the doula-client relationship and birth are very intimate situations, so clients are always free to choose whether or not to have a mentee be a part of their experience.  Sarah and Shawn will be with us throughout the spring.  Please contact us with any questions!


Sarah Tossing

Sarah loves birth because it is a beautiful and natural process. She has four children and each birth has had its own story. She believes families need to feel safe and secure to have the best birth experience. Her goal is to support mothers and families through their birth journey. Before birth work became a passion, she homeschooled her children and became an EMT with dreams of becoming a paramedic. She is excited to begin her midwifery training in the new year. In her free time you will find her spending time with her family, swimming, hiking, biking, and learning to play the guitar.

Shawn Walker

Hello! My name is Shawn Walker. I am a Birth Doula in South Central Wisconsin who works within a community of birth workers and healers to support the mother before, during and after labor. Women gathering around and supporting the laboring mother is an intuitive tradition. I believe that the collective wisdom of the feminine holds a deep and powerful trust that has culturally faded away. But I believe that when we tap into this well of intuitive knowledge, we are stronger together.

I believe that a woman’s body knows, inherently, how to birth her baby. I believe the mother knows what she needs, and my job is to support her and her family to feel confident about their choices and decisions throughout their birth journey.

I live with my person on the east side of Madison with our kit cat, Margot Tenenbaum. When not supporting maternal goddesses, I can be found canning fruit preserves, doing some nighttime yin, or throwing clay pots on the wheel.