About Our Partnership

The Doulas, LLC is proud to be the Madison, Wisconsin area’s first and ONLY professional doula partnership! The combined experience and training of Riley Huebsch and Alli Ryan come together to provide nurturing support for your growing family. We offer a broad range of doula services beginning pre-conception and going until the end of your breastfeeding journey. We are proud to have experience working with diverse families and birth and consider it the highest honor to join our clients along their journey through parenthood.

How does a doula partnership work?

When you hire The Doulas you get both of our professional skill sets, two supportive sets of hands and hearts, and our combined experience of almost 200 births and 25 years serving birth and families. We both attend the two prenatals to grow our relationship as a team and to learn the key aspects of your unique wants and needs. We share in a call schedule, which allows us to successfully practice the self-care and fostering of family relationships we talk about with clients. Both doulas join you in the immediate postpartum to process your birth experience and to offer support. Both doulas also rotate their time in the office for postpartum visits or breastfeeding support.

Benefits of Doula Partnership

  • Building a trusted relationship with two doulas gives clients an additional tool; a new perspective can provide a real shift during some labors (and in cases where a backup may be necessary). Safe and comfortable support keeps the oxytocin flowing; now take that feeling and multiple it by TWO!
  • We love to put our brains together! Clients get our combined experience and knowledge every step of the way, in pregnancy, birth and the postpartum.
  • We doula one another so that our clients can relax knowing their support system is well rested and fresh. It can be amazing the power of a home-cooked meal delivered for your partner and your doula (and OMG can Riley cook!!).
  • A whole lot of similarities plus just enough differences make this doula team strong. We have a similar style and background (two former elementary public school teachers here!) but also really complement each other with some of our individual unique qualities. It makes for a very well-rounded team to meet the diverse needs of our clients.
  • The shared call schedule also allows The Doulas to attend trainings and participate more consistently in community events/organizations. It’s tricky to be reliable to these types of things because clients ALWAYS come first. We’re excited to be helpful in board meetings, volunteer at non-profit events, and learn new skills to better serve the community in addition to giving our clients first rate support. Everybody wins!